Suicide & the Afterlife

Suicide is never an easy thing to discuss and there are many opinions and beliefs based onthe individual's religious/spiritual views and society's heavy hand on thesubject. I'd like to talk about suicide from a spiritual perspective, fromSpirit's perspective. All mediums have their own set of ideas on suicide, manythat I agree with and many that make me shake my head and give a violent eyeroll. I have channeled hundreds of Souls that crossed themselves over and noneof them have ever stated they were in "purgatory" or "limbo” butI do understand when this is all you’ve been taught, it’s your initial belief.

Prior to becoming a channel, my little brother took his ownlife and when this happened, I was very Christian and believed everything Iwrote about above. It broke my heart to think JJ was stuck because of hischoice to leave this journey early. He was only a baby in my eyes, just shortof being 19, and I couldn’t comprehend why a child full of depression shouldsuffer and not transition normally.  Ihad many sleepless nights and one anxiety attack after another pondering ifthis was true. Soon after his passing and deep into my uncertainties, I startedreceiving signs from JJ one after the other. The phone would ring but no onewas there; he would send me a song I had never heard by the Nixons called"Sister" over and over and my lights would flicker and turn on andoff almost on demand.

I built a relationship with my brother based on evidence. Anythinghe could do to show me he was still alive outside of his body, he would do!  I would thank him for all of his efforts,validations and love and when I did this, his energy and presence grew stronger.I realized he wasn't stuck, in pain or not available- he was still JJ andcommunicating with me like a crazy guy! As a matter of fact, my youngestdaughter who is now 20 would receive validations from JJ more than I would. Theyhad a deal where he would turn the streetlight outside of her bedroom on andoff, whenever she asked for him to come and be with her. I had a girlfriend whohad traveled to England for work call and ask why my brother was telling her overand over, "Monkey."  Monkey isCendle's nickname and my brother was giving my friend the message because heknew she was intuitive and would tell me, validating it was him turning thelight on and off for “Monkey.”  How verycool, right?!?  

In receiving messages from my brother, I learned that thosethat cross themselves over do not get stuck and now countless Spirits haveconfirmed this throughout my years as a medium. These souls still must finishtheir soul contracts and heal their emotional baggage before transitioning on,like the rest of us will do. Each Soul has their own journey and individualtime frame that they will do this in. Send your loved ones prayers daily tohelp with this. Prayer is the most important thing we can give to those livingand those in Spirit. Most importantly, don't lose faith! Believe that those inSpirit are still very much present and in your life. Our Soul never dissipates.It lives on eternally and if you ask, they will validate this for you.

Love & Healing,