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Spiritual Channeling - What It Is & What It’s Not

March 22, 2023

I was recently asked about spiritual channeling and what it really means to “channel” and had to stop and think about it. Because, in my world, it’s just a natural thing, something I do daily—channeling is as much a part of me as taking my next breath. To be honest, I believe many of us channel without even realizing what it is. You get that “gut feeling” to switch lanes so the semi next to you doesn’t run you off the interstate, or you know that your child stationed in Hawaii needs a phone call, a little “mom” support. These are ways of channeling inner guidance by using your intuition and we all have the ability.

Outside of listening to our daily guidance, there are ways of channeling that are available to everyone, but ways not everyone will use or develop. These ways of channeling are usually associated with the terms medium, psychic, speaking in tongues, the laying of hands, etc. All of these variations are ways to channel using higher power, GOD, Source to download information. Please note, I said GOD. Spiritual channeling is a direct link to higher power and NOT that of lower vibration or “evil.” As talked about in 1 Corinthians 13:2, 2 Peter 1:21, Acts 28:8, and Genesis 48:14, GOD has bestowed these abilities upon us and we are all born with capability to use them.

The way I channel is through a direct link to Spirit. I always tell my clients that it is much easier to connect directly to Source than try to read auras and energy patterns. Because I have built this connection organically, I am sure there may be slight variations with each client, and maybe I unknowingly “tap” into their energy at times, but it isn’t intentional. Spirit connection is always my goal.

That brings us to the difference between a psychic and a psychic that is also a medium. A psychic is not channeling messages from your loved ones in Spirit, but rather connecting into your energy, like I mentioned above. Whereas, a medium is building that connection to your loved one(s). A great way to differentiate between the two is make sure your “channel” is giving you information about the loved one in Spirit that you want messages from. These can be personality quirks, such as “your father always used a toothpick” to what the spirit looked like in life, their age, name, important dates, how they died, and things of that nature. A psychic will get information ABOUT you, your kids, your significant other, but they will NOT get information about the person in spirit to a credible degree. A spiritual channel always provides evidence in all areas of life AND about those that have died so keep this in mind!

Because channeling is a part of each of us, I encourage you to grow your abilities! Meditation, yoga, folding laundry, walking, running—all of these are ways to connect to your “higher self” and download your life guidance. These abilities are life changing and empowering, so even just five minutes a day starts to build your bridge!